Transformational Cost Strategies Needed For Today’s Evolving Marketing World

September 30, 2021 Alexander Health

Future Growth Without Sacrificing Quality.

In the rapid and ever-changing landscape of healthcare marketing, organizations are looking for ways to optimize costs without sacrificing quality or future growth. Leaders are looking for partners who can deliver what they want before they need it, and for less than they’re currently paying to get it.

"…strategic business relationships must evolve to be more agile while delivering deeper value."

— Isaac Sieling & Andrew Grobmyer

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“Huron’s 2021 Healthcare Executive Research” highlights the top challenges and initiatives healthcare organizations are facing this year.

Among them:


31% Cost Reduction & Optimization

25% Addressing

Current Initiatives to Address Challenges:

41% Responding
to COVID-19

37% Investing
In Digital Tools

This data outlines a few very important things:

• Healthcare leaders need to identify short- and long-term cost reduction strategies to combat rising expenses. New economic models may be necessary.

Consumerism is key to remaining competitive. Healthcare organizations must understand the needs, attitudes, and preferences of consumers when it comes to how they make decisions about their healthcare.

• The drastic shift in marketing tactics over the last couple of years didn’t reduce the need for HCPs to communicate with consumers. Instead, as explained in a Watson Clark article, “COVID Reshaping Pharma Marketing,” adopting a COVID-19 pharma marketing strategy is a key component to remaining competitive.

"Ultimately, leaders have a powerful opportunity to reshape the entire footprint of an organization to be nimbler, leaner, consumer-driven, and change-ready."

— Huron 2021 Healthcare Executive Research

There’s no denying the financial impact of this pandemic. It is overwhelming. As such, finding opportunities to engage partners differently will be key to not only surviving the challenges but thriving in spite of them. Alexander Health is a partner uniquely positioned to fit into that healthcare marketing strategy.

As demonstrated in a recent case study, Alexander Health executed a digital-first communications strategy in just 3 weeks – 63% faster than the average turnaround time of a typical big agency. While AORs focus on the larger campaigns and messaging, we bring everyday tactical execution strategies that help to relieve the pressures of a heavily deadline-driven industry. Alexander Health’s business model allows for a seamless partnership with your AORs and brand teams, reallocating funding back into your budgets.

The healthcare landscape has changed and organizations with a strategy to evolve accordingly will be the most successful. Cost-saving measures, new partnerships, and a focus on technology have never been more important.

Quality is never a reason to put stress on your budget.

Leaders are looking for partners who can deliver what they want before they need it and that is where Alexander Health steps in. Discover a new kind of partner who has the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed.

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