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NPP Email Campaign

Background: Physicians and other healthcare providers (HCPs) prefer to spend their time seeing patients, leaving little time or willingness to meet with pharmaceutical sales reps. While HCPs do find that these meetings can provide critical and valuable information, meeting face-to-face isn’t always convenient. To be able to direct the right HCPs to the right information at the right time, sales reps need to provide more flexibility to their customers. Some ways to do this is by using non-traditional tactics, such as non-personal promotion (NPP) messages and omnichannel marketing.

Challenge: A major pharmaceutical company was seeking to reach HCPs who, based on their prescription habits, were ready to receive information via an NPP campaign. The company partnered with a media agency who developed a programmatic email campaign, but when it came time to implement, they were concerned that their AOR couldn’t meet their aggressive timeline, especially without sacrificing messaging or quality.

Solution: The pharmaceutical company turned to us, their trusted agency of 15 years. They knew our extensive brand knowledge combined with our flexible, nimble and integrated model would get the job done efficiently and at a lower cost than the AOR.

Alexander Health developed a content matrix with information sourced from previously approved assets.

This accomplished two things:
1. Provided essential messaging flexibility.
2. Eliminated unnecessary re-approvals, speeding up the process significantly. Each email focused on specific subject areas, such as brand awareness & education, safety & efficacy, and patient advocacy & assistance. We designed and developed an HTML template that was easily updated across all segments. In the end, 8 emails with multiple CTAs and accompanying banner ads were created in order to meet HCPs at every stage of their journey.

Results: The campaign was a success. The company expanded their marketing efforts to include more indications and brands while reaching a broader audience through additional networks.

Insight: More marketers are utilizing robust modular content management solutions — such as Adobe Experience Manager or Veeva — to better target HCP communications. These solutions ensure a single source of truth for all marketing assets and result in shorter review and deployment times. Alexander Health is certified in both solutions. Reach out to us for additional information.

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