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Core Visual Aid Email Campaign

Background: Field Reimbursement Specialists assist healthcare provider offices in communicating complex pharmaceutical reimbursement matters to patients using a variety of Core Visual Aids provided by pharmaceutical companies. These aids are typically presented in person using a digital touchscreen to inform and guide patients through the reimbursement process.

Challenge: When Specialists’ interactions turned all-virtual due to COVID-19, our client urgently needed digital communications tools created that could help to educate providers and patients about the access and fulfillment process for a number of immunology drugs—all on a tight timeline and budget.

Solution: Based on the insight that comprehension improves when visual aids are part of the education process, Alexander Health created a series of Veeva emails that
adapted illustrative content from the brand’s approved Core Visual Aid. We ensured that the communications were easy-to-understand without in-person guidance. Specialists were able to send these emails to physicians and office staff on schedule to support patient communications and ensure understanding of the access and fulfillment process.

Results: Through our efficient process, extensive Veeva experience, and brand asset knowledge, we not only delivered effective content that met their aggressive timeline, but also achieved a nearly 90% cost savings compared to the AOR estimate.

Our Value Proposition: Quality. Cost. Speed. Knowledge.

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Cost Avoidance

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