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We were a few people supporting a few brands at a top-tier pharmaceutical company. Over the next 15 years, We Are Alexander expanded our brand knowledge and presence to become a trusted business partner in all of their six different pharmaceutical franchises. We were on-site and remote, working across state lines and time zones. We stayed true to the priorities set forth in our value proposition—Knowledge, Quality, Speed, and Cost—and earned a seat at the table.

Our success was based on our relationships with the clients. We were an extension of the brand teams as well as their AORs. The value we brought was our agility and speed. By staying so close to the business, we were able to quickly increase our service offerings. Our portfolio included original and repurposed marketing products in both print and digital, social media, photography, video, and MRL submissions. We were essential to meeting the strict regulatory deadlines for safety updates and product launches, ensuring the critical Day 0-3 items were completed and submitted on time and without issue.

The pharmaceutical industry has evolved over the years. What hasn’t changed is the critical need to reach HCPs and patients with communication materials that are relevant, timely, and effective. Brand teams need their AORs to focus on strategy and messaging—the big picture. This “Big Pharma” client had confidence in our commitment to provide the same quality—often faster and at less cost—to execute on that strategy. In 2020, our business with them grew to over 6,000 projects. In one year, we contributed to over $50M in cost avoidance while maintaining the high-quality work they had come to expect from working with their AOR.

We believe that everyone should Win the Day, and using us as a bridge between your brand team and AOR will help you do just that.




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